Little Alien Baby EP

by You Pass Butter

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released May 30, 2017



all rights reserved


You Pass Butter Oakland, California

We're a 2 piece band from Oakland, California.

Chase Bartels plays guitar and sings.

Ian Bailey plays drums and uke, and sings backup.

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Track Name: Everglades
Refugees within the screen
On the streets of Paris, they beg and they plead
And the boy to the left and the corpse to right
They toss and turn, bicker and fight
The boy said, "I should buried you ages ago"
No longer doing what I’m told
And the corpse reaches through the sand and says, "respect my traditions"

Can’t you see, this system was divided to keep each other at our throats
You don’t really believe both sides, doesn’t know
Of the fear of neighbors they inspire, with hope they wear lovely attires
Of care, but they don’t care about anything that they’d have to share

Like survival in the everglades
You think they sat around and argued for days?
Or do you think they got along and built a shelter?
Reefs and trees altogether
Do you think they’d survive eating poison berries?
We don’t eat those, god bless Larry
And do you think they’d live with alligators,
If they didn’t get along now and later?

And I can’t get no sleep, not knowing what is next
We know the cause but not the end
Or resolutions, yeah the waters are tainted
And we’re doing the best we can
Know your social justice isn’t exempt from bullshit
But at least you’re doing something right now
And if you got something to say, don’t shove it in my face
How about you try putting it into a song.
Track Name: OK Corral
Good old Wyatt, he couldn’t see
That his eldest brother was losing his feet
While Morgan breathed his last breath
No one knows who shot him in the back

It's kind of sad, all these old west tales
Pretty morbid, attest to the tales
A Tennessee Williams play couldn’t make you brave
Not today, with this tombstone grave

I’m as mean as they come
A holiday is some kind of fun
And you could take me if you're some type of daisy
And I would like to be the one to say

In these 36 years, there’s been a whole lot
But nothing brings me tears like having a friend
Like having one friend in this tombstone end
Track Name: Zombie Song
Damn it Janet, just step over the bodies
These geeks will eat us up like salami
Rotten flesh eaters lurking toward the bed
Didn’t think you’d see the night of the living dead
Give me the car keys and I’ll drive
If this glass doesn’t hold, we'll have to fight
Take aim and sparks will arise
Don’t shoot until you see the color in their eyes
Then get propane, it's okay, sweet Louise
To go boom, you mix kerosene with anti freeze
Damn it Janet, did you drop the keys again?
Now I’ll walk around like headless hen
I’m going out, hurry up and wait
Lame ducks sitting here on the interstate
Shine the light, I see the keys in the pit
And holy shit did I just get bit

There's a new monster in this food chain
I’ve come here to eat your brains
Walking Dead, literal worst
Oh I’m sorry, was that your horse?
Your intestines will hang from the tree tops
A marvelous hell for the infamous grey fox
Brains are the new macabre
A macaroni western for a comic opera
Track Name: Shakey Hands
Shaking of the hands
A band of a madman
Paper thin, skin tight
Wake up in the sewer pipes
Reached into the drain clog
There you will hear the words
Come on, Georgie, get your boat
Here we all learn to float

Til we become stuttering fools
Sailing our worries off of burning canoes
And who are all these party crashers
You know, the dirty dancers
Who rant about this are that
Some things the crowd can’t give back

Toxic spider bites
To Gastric butterflies
A theory of splintered time
Wake up on the sunrise
You’ve become a vampire
Running demolition derbies
Boogymen retire
To their sell CDs

To stuttering fools
Who sail their worries off of burning canoes
And I would like to be one of the party crashers
You know, the dirty dancers
Who rant about this or that
Some things the crowd can’t give back